Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Overlord returns to the track

It is no secret that many years and several pounds of excess weight ago I used to do a bit of motorcycle racing, with quite a bit of success as far as it went. A few weeks ago I was invited to take part in an endurance race, riding as part of a team with my old friend Ian Hutchinson. because there is no fool like an old fool, I agreed.

the upshot is that Ian and I shall be competing at a four hour endurance event at Langbargh circuit near Middlesbrough on, get this, the 30th of December 2015! Madness! 

In order to make this venture worthwhile it occurs to me that it would be a nice idea to attempt to use the spectacle of an overweight, middle aged brewery magnate wobbling around on a motorcycle for hours on end in terrible winter conditions to do a bit of good for Great Heck Brewery's charity of choice, namely Yorkshire Air Ambulance. To that end I'll be reaching out to all our customers and my friends to stump up some cash.

Great Heck Brewery will match the total of donations up to £100 and add it to the contribution to YAA. 

Here's a link to a justgiving page so you can make a contribution if you so wish.


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